Electricians in Woolwich

Electricians in Woolwich

Electricians in Woolwich

Electrical work is sensitive and has the potential to be dangerous when mistakes are made. To avoid any problems that are costly and time-consuming or hazardous, invest in professional electrical services.

Our team of engineers and technicians in Woolwich offer a variety of services which include electrical installation, repair, and maintenance.

Electrical Safety Certificates

For property to be rented out, they have to be declared safe and habitable. In order to be so, landlords are required to acquire electrical safety certificates for their properties. Our team of engineers in Woolwich check all electrical installations and appliances in the property to ensure that they meet the standards set out in the Approved Document P of UK Building Regulations.

Fire & Smoke Alarm Safety

Installing fire and smoke alarms is part of being a responsible property owner. These devices work to detect the risks of a fire before it starts or gets out of hand. We offer installation services to ensure that your alarm system is correctly fitted to your property.

Home Security Systems

There are plenty of options for home security systems. These include domestic alarm systems, entry systems, shutters and grilles, and motion sensor technology. Our Woolwich team of engineers and technicians customise the security systems based on where your property is located in the area in order to meet all of your specific safety needs and requirements. We offer affordable yet comprehensive security systems that will help protect you and your property.

CCTV Systems for Homes

CCTV systems are no longer limited to commercial establishments. For homeowners and landlords, CCTV systems provide an extra layer of security that offers peace of mind. We have a variety of CCTV systems that are customisable to your property’s specific security needs. We offer professional advice and solutions that will help you decide on which system is best for your property.

At David J Farrar & Associates, we have over 35 years of experience in the electrical industry. Our team of electricians are committed to providing you with work that meets the best standards.

For more information about our services, call us on 01322 400 743 or send us a message here: https://electriciansblackheath.com/contact/.

Electricians in Woolwich

High Quality Work

All of our electrical engineers in Woolwich are fully qualified and licensed with many years of experience.

Accurate Estimations

Our latest technology mixed with our extensive experience means we can accurately provide a free quote.

Range of Services

We offer a range of electrical services, such as CCTV installations, fire alarms & home security systems.