Electricians in Petts Wood

Electricians in Petts Wood

Expert Electricians in Petts Wood

David J Farrar and Associates have a team of skilled, highly-trained electricians in Petts Wood to meet your residential electrical needs. Our electricians adhere strictly to established safety standards and protocol to minimize risks to your safety and well-being.

We value efficiency above all. Our electricians are prepared to deliver the highest level of service when providing repairs or maintenance work. From home security installations to routine electrical safety checks, you have peace of mind knowing every aspect of the job has been completed with professionalism and superior workmanship.

Customer service is our lifeblood, and we work to address your needs carefully while minimising any burden on your end.

We specialise in the following:

Electrical Safety Checks

Electrical malfunctions can pose a serious threat to your safety. If you want to prevent any issues in your home, call up our team of electricians in Petts Wood, and we will conduct a thorough inspection of your electrical systems. We can also help you obtain a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate, which is a necessity for all types of rented property, as well as any other paperwork needed to certify that your home is free of any electrical problems.

Fire Alarm Installation and Inspection

Every property needs a fire alarm. A well-maintained fire alarm can save you and your co-resident’ lives in the event of a fire. If you wish to install or repair a fire alarm, our Petts Wood electricians are up to the task. We also conduct maintenance checks and fire safety checks to ensure the safety of your living quarters.

Home Security System Installation

Finally, a home security system is a useful way to keep yourself protected and your family safe. Our electricians can help you install your security system. We have worked with numerous types of home security systems over the years, including CCTV monitoring setups, motion sensor technology and domestic alarm systems.

Electricians in Petts Wood
electricians petts wood

High Quality Work

All of our electrical engineers in Petts Wood are fully qualified and licensed with many years of experience.
petts wood electricians

Accurate Estimations

Our latest technology mixed with our extensive experience means we can accurately provide a free quote.
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Range of Services

We offer a range of electrical services, such as CCTV installations, fire alarms & home security systems.