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Residential Property Security Options

Residential Property Security Options

Residential Property Security

Your home is where you want to feel safest and your family will always be your priority. Unfortunately, crime is a fact and a part of life and as such, everyone should take necessary precautions. This applies even in our own homes in order to deter and protect ourselves from crime.

There are a lot of home security options available and it can be hard to determine which are best for your home and which are best for other functions, such as a commercial property which you may want to avoid in this case. It is therefore crucial to consider the best security options for residential properties; their purposes and where they are best placed and utilised.

CCTV Security Systems

A popular choice for those wanting ultimate security is the installation of a CCTV system. For a residential property there are plenty of options depending on what your needs are – if you are wanting security measures for indoor, outdoor or both.

There are four main types of indoor CCTV: wired, wireless, IP and powerline networked:

Powerline Networked CCTV System – Powerline networked CCTV Systems can be plugged into your electrical sockets and work by transmitting images to a storage device for you to review whenever you want.

Wired Home CCTV Systems – These are by far the cheapest as well as one of the most common types of security camera. The wire is plugged into the monitor directly from the camera. It should be stated however that these systems can be difficult to install with all the wires, extension cables and connectors – so you may need to get a professional out to your home to install it for you.

Wireless Home CCTV Systems – Wireless CCTV transmits the images picked up using digital or analogue technology to your computer, mobile phone or tablet so you can always have access to the images. You can download an app by which you monitor your home when you are out of the house or in a different room. Whilst this type of system is sometimes more expensive, it provides significantly better quality which will be better in the long run if something were to happen. If you live in an area with a higher crime rate, it may be worth investing.

IP CCTV Systems – The IP CCTV system works through an internet connection to send the images from the camera to the computer’s router. The idea is that you can access the footage from wherever you are over the internet – including when abroad, so you know your home is secure while on your holidays.

Outdoor Home CCTV Cameras – If you are looking to install a CCTV system for the outside of your property, you will need to comply with UK privacy laws. What this entails is quite simple – you must make sure the camera is not pointing at public space or into others houses, gardens or driveways.

Burglar Alarms

If you have a well-fitted and maintained burglar alarm, you are less likely to become a victim of theft in your home. As with CCTV systems, the types of burglar alarm to be considered depends on your personal preferences, circumstances and your budget.

Bells Only – A Bells-only alarm system makes a loud noise to alert you and your neighbours, but does not directly contact anyone, such as the police or you. For this to be most effective, you would have to be in whilst the burglary is taking place.

Dialler Burglar Alarm – This type of alarm works by automatically dialling phone numbers when the alarm has been triggered, which you have pre-programmed in, such as family or close friends of your choice. Those who are alerted can then be left to call the police on your behalf. This kind of alarm is perfect for those who are not particularly close with their neighbours and would rather place the security of their home in a family member or friend.

Most diallers will allow you to input between 3 and 10 numbers that will be contacted when the alarm is triggered.

Smart Home Security – Smart home security is designed to contact you directly or your nominated family and/or friends once the alarm has been triggered via a smartphone or tablet app.

CCTV Security Systems