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Security Systems for Commercial Premises

Security Systems for Commercial Premises

Security systems for commercial premises are often utilised when running a shop, it is crucial to keep it as secure as possible. Whether selling stock and products or a service, protecting one’s business is key. Shoplifting costs the retail sector between £20 t0 £300 on average per incident. According to a study, 22% of all retail establishments experience a loss due in some shape or form due to shoplifting. This can however be combatted with sufficient security in place. Despite this, many shop owners do not invest enough money into making sure their premises are secure enough with systems in place.

To prevent concern and to save money in the long run, it is important to invest in proper and effective security systems. Smaller establishments with smaller budgets however, should still invest in buying security cameras and alarms wherever possible and practical. In the long-term, this is very cost-effective. There are a wide range of security systems which appeal to many different budget ranges, all of which are offered by Electricians Blackheath (see our services).

When deciding which security measures to undertake, it is best to shop around and compare the benefits and pitfalls of each model of alarm or security camera that are available on the market to the business premises in question.

CCTV Systems for Commercial Premises

For retail businesses it is vital to have a CCTV system in place. CCTV cameras are available in a variety of designs. The visible presence of CCTV is likely to deter shoplifters from committing an offence on the property in the first place, as these systems can provide clear images that then act as proof that it was a certain person or group that committed the crime should it go to court.

Bullet Cameras are able to take images from a fixed view, so these are perfect for viewing entrance and exit points and doors as well as the till. These cameras are relativity compact and inexpensive. Dome shaped cameras are slightly larger and are also ideal for indoor use. The difference is that a dome shaped camera can pick up more space as they can move and are not fixed to one spot.

Covert CCTV systems are another popular option. As the name suggests, the camera is disguised as something else – such as a fire alarm or a light fixture. However, a downside of this option is that simply displaying what looks like a CCTV system is in itself a deterrence to thieves. Having chosen a style of camera, it should be considered which features are necessary. These may include day and night capabilities, fixed lenses, wires or wireless systems and high definition cameras – obviously this will give you better detail.

Alarm Systems for Commercial Premises

It is advisable to have alarms installed in all shops. Burglar alarms usually work by detecting motion and temperature once activated. With regards to temperature, if a window is opened or broken open to gain entry for example, the temperature in the room will naturally change by dropping, triggering the alarm.

Some alarms can conveniently activate a camera, to capture images of an intrusion point. Other alarms and cameras can be synchronised with an app to see what is happening in the shop via a smartphone, whenever and wherever the owner is in the world using a safe Wi-Fi connection.

Other types of alarms such as a fire and smoke alarms, are useful for security purposes as they can save a shop and its contents from damage and are often necessary when applying for buildings and contents insurance. There are various options; of basic, siren only systems that simply trigger an alarm when smoke and/ or heat is detected.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are a popular option for protecting shops and staff from unwanted visitors. To protect the staff entrance of the building or just one or a few areas within it, aspects such as numerical keypads, in which a code is required for access can be utilised to good effect. There are also ‘buzz-in systems’ with which the person trying to enter must state why they are there. There are more sophisticated options for those with larger budgets such as voice or face recognition as well as finger print access.

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